Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busog Biyernes

Last Friday was just full of food, food and more food. I ate lunch past lunchtime and only ate smoked salmon sandwich. I guess it's a wise decision to eat sandwich for lunch because by 3pm we had merienda of pansit, cake, doughnuts and ice cream. Yummy! It was Ge's birthday and Rita's and Riza's children were there so they bought the desserts.

Dinner time I met up with the flyfish gang and ate at Secret Recipe. Janice and Penny picked me up at the office. By around 830pm we're already at The Fort. Like the usual dinner dates with them, it was filled with good food and good conversation. I ordered their Thai fried rice which is so good. Their lamb is also good. I'm not that excited with their desserts but it's okay. We talked about Jose's health, Janice's new job, Steve's lovelife, Penny's and my wedding preps, Charline and Allan's lovelife as well. We then had coffee at Krispy Kreme's at Bonifacio High Street where Mands followed. He then told us about his budding "relationship". I'm really happy for Steve and Mands. I hope this is their chance to find true love haha. As cheesy as that may sound I really hope this is it for them.

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