Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tagaytay Higlands

Our division had its summer outing last April 5. We went to Tagaytay Highlands. As customary, we can pick any of the venues the SWR committee have for us - Tagaytay Highlands, La Luz and Mandarin Oriental. I have been to La Luz before and I didn't want to go to another hotel outing like last year so I opted for Tagaytay Highlands.

There were only a number of us who joined this venue so they arranged for our tranportation in a coaster. We met up at 6am at the bank and then we're on our way down south. Raffy who was a member of the SWR committee kept us awake during the ride. He was telling us stories and got us to join a game. The mechanics of the game is that we all have to guess the time of the our arrival at the gate of Tagaytay Highlands. It was so traffic at the South Luzon Expressway that most of us guessed the time around 9:15 - 9:45am. I think by 8:30am we are already at the Sta. Rosa tollgate and if you're frequent in Tagaytay you know that it wouldn't take an entire hour to get to Tagaytay proper from the tollgate. So most of us we're hoping it would be traffic along the way and we're happy when some vehicle gets in our way just so our guess will be the right time. Someone even offered to buy everyone corn in the cob so that she can buy time haha. Talk about people not wanting to get to their destination early just so they can win the prize. Anyway, we arrived at the gate at 9:05am and Lorena won the game. In case you're wondering my guess was at 8:45am. She won a $100 wahahaha.

Raffy giving the mechanics

With my seatmate, Melanie

Lorena winning the $100 hehe

Look how foggy it was when we got there

Our first activity for the day was bowling. I was teamed up with Lorena, Gigi, Alona and James.

Our team with Alona's son, Arlo.

And we won! Look at our scores. Yey! I scored 121 which was really great because I haven't played in a while. I was even the 2nd top scorer. :)

After the game, we were supposed to ride the cable car and funicular ride but it was raining so hard that the cable car wasn't operational and they opted to go to the funicular ride after lunch instead. Before eating they gave out the special awards. Our prize for winning the bowling game and my prize for being the 2nd top scorer. I have a confession to make I ate pork when I was there - lechon and grilled pork chop. Gah! I wasn't able to stick to my diet. But that's okay because I had oatmeal that same night hihi. Excuses excuses!

After a hearty meal, we went to the funicular ride.

It was free time for all after that. Some went for a swim while a few like me just chilled out near the pool. And what a coincidence I even saw Joel there. Apparently their division was having their outing there as well.

So where have you been this summer? I hope your summer is more exciting than mine.

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