Friday, April 11, 2008

Gender Bender

My friend Rhoda recently gave birth to her second baby boy. Before she knew it was a boy, she was really excited to know the gender of her baby. She wanted a baby girl so that they'll have one of each gender. After the sonography that revealed the gender of the baby, she underwent another one. She was telling the ultrasound technician that she still doesn't know the gender but in truth she already knows. She just wants to make sure that the baby's really a boy. Well I guess both ultrasound tech graduated in one of the reputable ultrasound schools because they're both right. Of course, she was very happy with their second boy, Quino. Maybe the next one will be a girl.

When I get pregnant I will be very excited too to ask the ultrasound tech to tell me the gender of my baby. Just like my other friend Joy who is now 5 months pregnant and was so thrilled to tell us the their baby's gender. When we saw her a few days ago she showed us an ultrasound photo of her baby. It's a boy for Joy and Mek. Congratulations! We can't wait to see Alfredo Miguel :)

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