Friday, April 11, 2008

Michael Johns?!?!?!

Seriously??!?!?! I'm so upset he was the one who left tonight. Huhuhu. First off, I wasn't able to watch the performance show because I went to a friend's birthday dinner. But was he really that bad? That he had the lowest vote and has to leave the show so early??? All the while I thought he would be safe. For sure he must have a following already. Well, obviously I thought wrong! Tonight, when I got home my mom immediately told me that Michael Johns was the one who was voted off. She already read it on the internet. I was shocked! I still am! I caught the last few minutes of the show when the judges were saying things to Michael and it was true! OMG! I'm really upset! First Ramiele and now Michael. I heard Kristy had a good performance but when will she go?! I can't believe Michael left before her! Gggrrrrr!!!!


Anonymous said...

me too, i like michael johns together with jason castro and david cook!!!!! i really dont like kristy lee cook either. i was really sad when he got voted off, his interpretation of dream on is awesome, i love that song!!!!!

cris said...

super sad talaga! i really like him! i think the boys are better singer than the girls.

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