Monday, May 19, 2008

Just Married

I was able to watch Just Married last night on ETC. It was hilarious. I can only imagine what will happen in case Joema and I go through the same on our honeymoon. For example the one where they where evicted our of that palace hotel – I don’t think either one of us has the personality to talk back to the hotel owner/manager like that. Then they slept in that small car – I would’ve bitched the whole night if I was there. Then they had to sleep in that crap of an inn. OMG! We wouldn’t even check-in on that kind of inn. Although we’ve stayed in budget hotels before, but they are clean and not that old. Then they had that ex-boyfriend of Brittany Murphy following them around, I don’t think my ex will follow us around on our honeymoon. For one we don’t even have connections nowadays so he doesn’t even know I’m getting married. And I don't think he's still hung up on me like Peter in the movie.

I must admit, I was a bit teary eyed after Ashton Kutcher’s “please open the gate so that I can tell my wife” speech hahaha.

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