Monday, May 19, 2008

Unlimited Perversion

My mother gave me her other Sun cellular phone, the one with unlimited texts and calls if you text or call other Sun cellular lines. So anyway, since it’s unlimited, nauuso na naman ang mga nakikipag-phonepal (what do they call these nowadays?) Hay naku it all started last Friday, I had two missed calls from the same number. When I showed it to my brother he called the other line – which I think is stupid since it wasn’t registered in my phone. Although the only numbers registered in that phone is my mother’s and my brother’s numbers. So anyway, I told him to hang up since I don’t know who owns the other line. And then after that I got a text message “hi”. I didn’t reply of course even if it’s for free. And then he (yes, I know he’s a he) started calling again. I figured I will answer the call but I won’t speak para lang masayang yung minutes nya. At first he was saying “hello…hello…” And then ohmygosh! Pervert! He was moaning on the other end. I know nothing physical happened, I didn’t even see his face but I really felt violated and offended. Up until now I still get calls from him although I don’t answer anymore and reject his calls. If only the phone has a call barring feature. Super low-tech naman kasi so it doesn’t have that feature. So what will I do now? Today, he made 5 calls already, the first was 6:30 this morning! Argh! I hope he gets tired of calling. :(

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