Saturday, May 24, 2008

Prenup 2: Avilon Zoo

After lunch, we made a pit stop at Shell gas station along Commonwealth for an outfit change and retouch of my makeup. Nakigamit lang kami ng CR nila haha. Anyway, while in the CR kakatakot na yung kulog and super dilim na. Ella was telling me to stay calm and that it wouldn't rain. At kahit umulan pa ay maganda pa rin ako haha. I so love that girl! Kaya lang we had to say goodbye to her there, she didn't come along with us na sa Avilon zoo. Even before we left the gas station, trickles of rain were starting to drop. And then it started raining hard as in HARD! It felt like someone was playing tricks on us. Sabi ni Jo Anne para daw may nagbubuhos sa min ng timba ng tubig galing langit haha which is true! That's how it felt like. I was praying so hard na sana sa biyahe lang malakas ang ulan and sana pagdating namin sa Avilon the rain will stop. We used the route from Commonwealth going to Litex to Avilon zoo. Katakot ang daan. We passed by this area na parang gilid ng bundok and then the road near Avilon zoo naman super putik dahil sa ulan. Dami-dami pang dumadaan na mga truck. We thought we were lost already. We passed by this area where there were rows and rows of similar houses, sabi ni Jayson kung hindi kami makarating sa Avilon pwede na kami magshoot don.

Thankfully, we finally arrived at Avilon. The travel time from QC was actually pretty fast. It only took us about an hour to get to the zoo. Siguro without the heavy rains and muddy roads, it would have been faster. Ambon-ambon na lang ang ulan when we got there. We paid for the entrance fees (P208/head) and the tour guide (P350) and then we're good to go. They weren't really strict with the photoshoot (mas strict pa si manong guard sa Math bldg) but they asked Jayson to fill up a form that indicated the equipments that he will be using. I don't know it's some kind of a waiver kasi si Jayson na ang nag-fill up ng form.

Our tour guide, Irene, started us with the arapaima. They were these big fishes who are fed with 5 kilos of bangus every two weeks. And then she showed us the ducks that they breed in the zoo and then they fed the poor birds to the crocodiles. Ach! So from the ducks, she led us to the crocodiles. When we got out of there (alive haha), we were led to these huge cages for the birds. She told us that peacock is a male term while the female is called peahen and the baby are called peachick. We're like "Ooowwwss..joke yan e" hahaha. Apparently, they're collectively known as peafowl. Then we saw this really lovable white dog - think Angel Locsin in Lobo. Of course, we have to take a picture with Oskee (the dog). Irene also showed us to the maina birds and man, they can talk. Talk like people - as in not just "hi" and "hello" meron pang "kumain ka na ba?". It's really amazing kasi boses tao talaga. Meron don boses ng babae, meron din lalaki. Kaaliw! After that we were led to the area where you can have your picture taken with the python. Guess who did that? :) They also have this area for the baby araipamas and you can feed them with chicken head. That was pretty exciting and kakatakot ng onti because the fish were jumping out of the water jus to get to their food. We also have pictures with the orangutans. They're hairy little b*tches haha. They were a bit cranky because they were supposed to go home na pala to eat. Eto naman kaming gusto pa magpapicture. Kapagod din going around the zoo. Zach was ready to give up na before the tour ended. He was tired of having to walk around the 7.5 heactare zoo. But he was a really nice boy and didn't throw a tantrum. We were still able to finish all the exhibits. After the tour Jayson still did some shots around the area. Our sunset shots were like posters for Seiko Films haha. Landian sa Talahiban ang pwedeng title.

The ride going back to QC was pretty quick. We had dinner at McDonald's Katipunan. We ate and then talked about what happened during the day. I'm so glad they enjoyed our little adventure because we did too. The trip to Avilon was worth it. I can't wait to show you our photos. I'm sure they will be great!

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