Friday, May 23, 2008

Prenup 1: UP Diliman

Yesterday was our prenup shoot. My day started early because I have to have my makeup done. Ella came by our house a few minutes before 7am. She was very nice and we clicked right away. We talked about so many things while she did my makeup kaya nga ata medyo nalate kami umalis. I thought we'll be finished after an hour pero she probably did my makeup for almost two hours. Admitted naman sya na she's a bit OC when doing makeup. She started by applying primer on my face, some moisturizer I think para sa skin care. Tapos yun foundation na and then eye makeup. Medyo dun pala matagal kasi talagang yun ang importante to open up my eyes daw. After that blush and lipstick and then we're done. We we're running a bit behind our sched kasi ang sinabi ko kina Jayson was 9am sa UP. So I texted Jo Anne na just to let them know and buti na lang late din pala sila. Whew! Ella was kind enough to let me hitch with her going to UP. So we talked some more and I found out that aside from being a cool make-up artist, she’s also a product manager who works atleast once a week from home, she was a swimmer and part of the varsity team of UP and the Philippine team, she's the daughter of one of the 60+ fellows of ASP and she loves dogs. I'm giving her one of our puppies. Super naaliw sya dahil ang dami naming tuta sa bahay. So so many things to talk about and so little time. We arrived at the oblation a few minutes after 9am, and Joema was there already. Hehe sya pa talaga ang nauna sa amin. Niloloko namin sya ni Ella na dapat magpa-makeup din sya, na lalagyan sya ni Ella ng blush. Ayaw daw nya. Sabi ni Ella on our wedding day di na daw sya makakatakas, itatali na namin sya sa upuan and then Ella will do his makeup. Joke lang naman kasi Ella told me na she's just going to put some powder, medyo contour siguro sa face and lipgloss lang dahil lalaki naman yun. Di kailangan ng anything else.

We waited for Jayson to arrive to start the shoot. He arrived with Jo Anne and Zach since gusto daw sumama ni Zach sa zoo and with his assistant Jun. When they arrived, he started shooting us at the back of Quezon Hall near the Lagoon. Syempre at first medyo ilang pa kami ni Joema. But eventually I think we got the hang of it (I'd like to think that we did!). Jayson would joke para matawa kami. Chaka easy poses lang yung pinapagawa nya like hug each other or holding hands lang. After don punta kami sa bike lane na napagalitan pa si Jayson nung isang "traffic enforcer" at bawal daw don. Then pinaupo kami ni Jayson sa isang bench and tambay-tambay lang konting chika. Then we proceeded sa gilid ng Film Center sa mga bricks. All this pala kasama din namin sila Ella, Jo Anne, Zach and Jun. Ella wanted to be there para makita nya yung test shots and she'll be do a touchup of my makeup after lunch. Si Zach naman was also taking our pictures - budding photographer din. Buti na lang talaga at maaraw nung umaga kahit na super init okay na rin. It was almost lunch time when we finished shooting there pero I told Jayson I'd want some shots taken at Math building. Jo Anne, Zach and Ella stayed behind na, kami na lang yung nagpunta sa Math building.

When we arrived at the building kami muna ni Joema yung pumasok. Di naman kami sinita ng guard kaya I told him to get Jayson and Jun. But when the guard saw them with their cameras, pinigilan silang pumasok. I later learned na the guard wanted them to go to CS ata, bring their IDs there and get a permit. E nung lumabas ako at nakita kong ayaw sila papasukin sabi ko sa guard sandali lang naman kami kahit 5 minutes lang (syempre that's not true). And then the guard suggested I talk to the director at magpaalam. Sabi ko "Sige. Sino po ba anjan? Si Sir Joey po ba?" Oo daw kaya ayun di ako nawalan ng pag-asa. Pagkakita namin kay Sir Joey I told him that Joema and I we're getting married and we wanted to take some photos inside the building. Sir Joey just waved off the guard and told him that we were former students there. Hurray! Syempre konting kamustahan with Sir. He told us that Institute na pala ang Math (hindi na department) and apparently sya na nga ang director. I told him he didn't aged a bit which is true. He looked younger pa nga. Si Joema asked kung andon pa tambayan ng SUMS. Kasi pala sinabi nya sa guard na member sya ng SUMS, yung guard ang kilala lang MMC at Math Club. Pahiya tuloy sya hahaha. Sir Joey told us na kahit nga yung tambayan ng MMC at Math club kung saan-saan na nadidisplace dahil kulang ata sa rooms. And yung SUMS is not a CS-based org so they are not in the building anymore (or pwede ring naglaho na talaga ang org na binuo namin haha). So anyway, we said goodbye to Sir Joey and proceeded with the shoot. We went to one of the classrooms, it's actually the classroom of Joema's block for their Math 17. Our block naman was just the room beside it. Jayson had a blast shooting at the classroom. Special request ko naman to shoot with the UP Toki jeep hehe. Basta our shoot at the Math building was really memorable for me. It was sort of a documentation of our love story, where it all began. Our "sandali lang" shoot there turned into an hour-long shoot kaya we were all really hungry after. We went back to Quezon Hall to get the three we left behind and proceeded to Mang Jimmy's.

Joema and I rode with Ella going to Mang Jimmy's. May mga konting pagbabago na sa Mang Jimmy's, yung ulam nila instead of P90 naging P100. Tapos di na bottomless get no. of persons + 2 rice. Gets? Like us 6 adults kami so we got 8 cups of rice. Tapos sa ulam naman buy 6, free 2. Kaya fiesta ang lunch namin! We ordered sisig (na ang sarap pa rin!), pusit, porkchop, blue marlin and pork liempo. And dahil super uhaw na kami naka-3 liters of Coke kami. Galit-galit muna kami while eating. Busog naman lahat after. Although si Zach nabusog sa burger nyang baon at hindi sa Mang Jimmy's hehe.

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