Friday, May 09, 2008

The Wedding Dress

NOT! This was actually the reject. My mother told me that the neckline will not suit me and this reassures me that she is correct. I have broad shoulders and small chest. So I’ve been on the lookout for other wedding dresses and I’ve finally found another one that I’ve fallen in love with. *sigh* Let me tell you the story of this dress. My friend Penny suggested that I look into Eva Longoria’s wedding dress when I told her I didn’t want a strapless gown (like most wedding gowns are). She said that Eva’s dress was a simple halter type and the back was amazing (haha I really wanted something spectacular at the back of my gown). Anyway, so I googled for the dress however I couldn’t find any photo that has a clear shot of detail of the back. What I did was googled “celebrity+wedding+gwons” and found out about Sandra Bullock’s wedding gown.

photo credit:

It was all I wanted in my own wedding dress – lacy, romantic with a nice back. And it’s actually from the same designer – Angel Sanchez. I found photos of the dress from I really love their photo gallery there – it’s complete with details of the front and back of the gown.

By the way, while looking through thousands of wedding dresses I chanced upon this site. Check it out, it's so fun playing dress up! It even has Mounique Lhuiller's Fall 2007 collection.

screenshot from the site


liz said...

ganda cya sis :) ooh why reject hmm...waaa panic na ako! wala pa akong gown!!!! I might have halter o kaya off shoulder hehe

karen said...

I've been lazy!

We took our pre-wedding photos and are working on our save-the-dates. Busy, busy... A lot more left to do!

karen said...

Oh yeah, and thanks for the greeting!

cris said...

@liz, if you're having your gown made by a designer then don't fret. im sure he/she'll take care of you. if not, then head on over to the sites i've mentioned..dami pagpipilian!

@karen, patingin ng photos ha! we'll be having our prenup shoot soon too. :D

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