Friday, May 09, 2008


Yesterday was Joema’s birthday (happy birthday honey!) and I was able to file for a half-day leave. We met up for lunch and ate his fave kare-kare and pansit (for long life hehe). We were so full after our meal. And then we proceeded to go to Archbishop’s Palace. When we got there Bro Emman was not there (boo!) and the guard told us to go back this Saturday. You see they don’t really have regular office hours on Saturday but they will be open this coming weekend because Bro Emman wasn’t around yesterday and apparently today also. We can’t go back on Saturday because Joema has work. We’ll probably have to reschedule going there. Anyway, we went there yesterday hoping that Bro Emman can discuss to us what requirements we need to submit. Actually he already gave me a list before, when I paid the reservation fee, but informed me that my fiancé has to be with me when he discusses the requirements and we should go back atleast 6 months before the wedding. The documents mostly have 6-month or 3-month validity. I was anxious to have this discussion because aside from the usual documents (birth certificate, baptismal certificate, permission from our parishes), we have to get another additional document because I’m Catholic and he’s Methodist. Something that we’ll have to get somewhere near the Manila Cathedral and I’m not sure about the details. It’s supposed to be a contract (?) that says that Joema is agreeing that we’ll get married in Catholic rites and our future children will be raised as Catholics. So yeah, we’re not about to do that just yet. We'll probably go back in June.

Anyways, we watched a movie after going to the church. We watched Iron Man because everyone I knew was raving about this movie. And it was really awesome. It’s that kind of movie where you don’t want it to end because you’re having so much fun watching it. Robert Downey Jr. is so great in this movie. I don’t really know his filmography but I liked him in Ally McBeal. Too bad he had drug problems (?) and had to quit the show. I super loved him when he sang “Every Breath You Take” with Sting in one of the episodes. Well, in Iron Man obviously he’s not singing haha. If you haven’t watched it yet, go go go! It’s better to watch the movie in the big screen unless you have your own mini-theater at home. And please wait after the credits because there’s one last scene after.

After the movie, we headed home and watched the elimination show of American Idol. Actually I already knew who was going to get booted out even before the start because Lorena texted me the result – she loves Jason. Anyway, after the elimination of Michael Johns I’m quite indifferent on the results (although I was extra happy when Kristy Lee Cook left haha). But I began to like David Cook especially after the Mariah Carey theme. I hope he wins and not David Archuleta. I do like little David but I guess Cook is much more original and has a lot more character than David A.

It was back to wedding preps after watching AI. Not really wedding preps but on our honeymoon ehehehe. I showed Joema the resorts in Krabi that I’ve researched on. I am thisclose to booking one without Joema’s knowledge haha. But last night he approved of the choice I made. I am not yet sure if I’ll book it right away or wait for October and hopefully get the discounted rates because of last minute booking – but I guess if I do this I take the risk of not being able to book the resort if they don’t have available rooms anymore.

After surfing the net, we went back to watching tv. We popped in Friends in the player and laughed our heads off. Buti na lang Joema’s very easy to please – even if we didn’t do anything extra special he was still happy on his birthday because he got to spend the day with me. I’m very happy too that he is happy. I love you honey!

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