Monday, June 09, 2008

Hoot Hoot Hooters

As per our tradition, we met up for dinner to celebrate Charline’s and Steve’s birthdays. We went to Hooters per Steve’s request (hahaha not really true but I can say anything here and Steve won’t even have the opportunity to deny it). Actually I was the one who suggested the place. Anyways, Joema and I met up first before going to Mall of Asia. We went to Jayson’s place to pick up the CD of our prenup. I can’t post the pics from the office because I don’t have a DVD-ROM. Kaasar! I need to borrow my father’s laptop to be able to upload pics but his internet connection is waaaay too slow so I’m not sure when I can post some pics here.

When we arrived at MOA, Jose was already at Hooters. Excited? Haha. I didn’t know that the place was far from the mall itself. We got lost finding the restaurant. It's actually located in a strip of restaurants along the bay area, aptly called San Mig by the Bay. But it was okay since we had to wait for our table, we were number 2 in the waitlist and that was around 7pm. After a few minutes Al arrived and then Steve. I don’t know exactly what time we were seated but we must have waited for a long time. When we were finally had our table, Mands arrived with Weng. We started to order for our food. We ordered their chicken wings, nachos, mini-burgers, grilled chicken ceasar salad and cheese sticks. Then the rest of our party arrived – Pao, Penny, Janice and then Charline followed by Allan. We were complete for the first time – ever! It was actually only that time that Joema met Jose and Steve. Jose and Steve have never gone on our trips, that’s why.

While we were eating there, there was a bunch of expats who were a bit tipsy and kept on dancing with the Hooters girls. They’re so fun to watch. We imagined our dining experience there wouldn’t be that fun if they weren’t there to “entertain” us. I recorded them while they were dancing. You can watch them here and here.

Mands and Weng left early but the rest of us stayed at the bay area and talked some more. We actually talked about scary stuff like haunted libraries and offices. Creepy! At the end of the night, we arranged for a Binondo outing next and our official tour guide will be Steve. No, the ghost stories and Binondo are not related. Although…I might be mistaken?

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