Wednesday, April 22, 2009

AI too long?

I thought last week's American Idol was not fair. It wasn't fair that only two judges were able to speak after each contestant's performance. It's really puzzling why the producers can't keep the show under an hour and had to do that. Joema and I thought that they probably should let the judges have timed comments, like they should cut through Paula's comments if she's just rambling on hehe. But this article has way more funny ideas on how to cut the time of AI. I'm reposting the whole article here.

After weeks of "American Idol" running long and wrecking havoc with our DVRs and TiVos, we've come up with a plan to condense the entire show down -- way down. We're talking 15-minute performance nights and five-minute results nights. And if we can do it, there's no reason Fox can't, too.

Performance Nights:

Minute 1: Obligatory introductions of judges and Seacrest so they can show off their outfits and smile.

Minute 2: The mentor of the week gives one big gushing speech about how everyone was wonderful. No footage of them standing lamely by a piano, or a history of their accomplishments gets shown.

Minutes 3 & 4: Adam Lambert blows away all convention again with whatever this week's theme is.

Minute 5: Simon's comments. None of the other judges get to talk; they just have to nod or shoot angry looks at Simon for calling it either wonderful or too theatrical.

Minutes 6 & 7: Danny Gokey does his predictable Danny Gokey thing.

Minute 8: Simon says it was a bit boring, but that he understands why America loves Danny. Audience booing.

Minutes 9-12: Highlights from the rehearsal footage of the other remaining contestants. It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that Gokey and Lambert will be the finalists, so why even pretend anymore? Just do a snippets reel and the audience can vote on who the worst person of the night was.

Minute 13: The non-Gokey/Lambert contestants stand on stage while Simon gives his thoughts on who sounded the most cabaret or karaoke and who was surprisingly passable.

Minute 14: Ryan gives out all of the dial-in numbers. Cautions that these are 866 numbers and that standard text messaging rates apply.

Minute 15: Seacrest wishes everyone a good night. Kara says "artistry," Randy says "dawg" and Paula babbles randomly, but her speech gets cut off by the start of the next show on Fox.

Results Nights:

Minute 1: Introductions of Seacrest and the judges, so Ryan can make some snarky comment about Simon and the audience applause gives him his weekly dose of validation for having an opinion.

Minute 2: Seacrest calls all the contestants who aren't Gokey and Lambert down to the center stage and they look sad/surprised.

Minute 3: Ryan asks Simon who should go home. Simon tosses out the name of his chosen punching bag of the week. Audience booing ensues.

Minute 4: Ryan sends most of the remaining contestants back to the couch, then tells the bottom two who America hated the most.

Minute 5: The eliminee gets to sing their song, until it is cut off by a Ford commercial.

I'm not much of a fan of Danny because like the article says I think he can only do one thing. My bet for the top two would be: Adam and Cris. Although I think Allison is also deserving to be in the final two. I'm not sure I understand why the judges saved Matt. Simon even said that Matt doesn't have the chance of winning the contest – then why oh why did they save him? What if Allison is in the bottom this week, then they wouldn't be able to save her…and she's way better than Matt.

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