Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wish to See You Again

I'm so sleepy now. The culprit is one of the series we bought in our suking dibidi store. Remember this?

It's from ZZ's drama Wish to See You Again which kept me up late last night.

Photo credit: http://soompi.com

I've only watched the first four episodes. As usual ZZ's character is that of an "autistic" ahahaha. He plays the role of Xu Le who is a bestselling author who is experiencing writer's block. He cannot find his inspiration so he decided to be a taxi driver where he meets different kinds of people and eventually meet his long lost friend Ah Hao. The girl in the series reminds me so much of Da S. Her character and Sanchai's character in Meteor Garden have their similarities. But of course I find her cuter. LOL forever ng ayoko kay Da S. ;P

I find the series fun and light unlike zz's last drama that I saw. Although there are few and far in between kilig moments, at this moment. There's some cheesy lines since ZZ's character is an author of love stories. But I can let that go since I still love ZZ haha. And I think too much love for the guy friends. I can't think of that happening in real life. I mean guys will be guys. They don't like complications, if you don't like them then the hell with you. But I guess the story of the drama is really about the friendship of the three main guy characters.

I think the title of the series is just right for me...since I haven't watched ZZ in a long time now haha. I-relate ba sa sarili ang mga pangyayari sa buhay ni ZZ.

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