Friday, April 24, 2009

Update on WTSYA*

I'm finally down to the last 4 episodes of the *Wish To See You Again.

It got more kilig when Xu Le and Nancy went to Alishan. I have to say, this drama series is like a big tourism advertisement of Taiwan. They featured so many sites like the National Palace, then they went to Alishan and then to Kaohsiung, they also featured Taipei 101. Anyway, back to Xu Le and Nancy. Things got to be a little more kilig for me when Vanness' character Leo came in. His character is a fun, laidback guy who likes to joke around which is actually his defense mechanism. Finally, Xu Le admits he likes Nancy because he got jealous of Leo who was a highschool mate of Nancy.

I'm itching to see the end because of the storyline of Ken's character Ah Hao, Xiao ma and Lu Yi. It was supposed to be their love triangle but Xu Le sort of smelled that something was going on between Ah Hao and Lu Yi so he had to ask for the sake of Xiao ma. Xu Le and Lu Yi "were caught" by Nancy and Xiao Ma in separate occasions…not really doing the did but enough to suspect that something's going on between the two of them. What I don't get is why Xu Le can't tell nancy the truth. I know he promised Lu Yi and Ah Hao not to tell anyone but hello your gf is suspecting you of two-timing and you still won't defend yourself and just tell her to trust you. If it were me I wouldn't have trusted him haha. Although I must say that my heart would have also melted when I see my boyfriend standing in the rain and suddenly collapsing. If it were the other way around, can't Xu le trust her to keep the secret? So now I'm waiting if Xiao Ma finds out the truth – that Ah Hao is the one Lu Yi loves and not Xu Le, he's been the scapegoat in all of this.

Can't wait to go home later and watch the rest of the episodes. I might have to re-watch the whole thing because a lot of the time when ZZ is not in the scenes I would just fast forward to his next scene haha. But last night during the kilig scenes I kept on rewinding the scene and then watching everything in slow motion. What can I do..I'm in love with him ahahahaha. My husband will kill me if he reads this. But he knows I'm crazy like this.

Let me leave you with photos of my favorite scenes.

Aaaawww kawawa naman.

Yihhii kinilig sa lunch box

Yakapin ka ba naman ng ganito sa gitna ng ulan? Dika ba matutunaw?

I love the scenes with Xu Le eating with Nancy's family. Nancy's papa: Xu Le, what are your thoughts about premarital sex? Xu Le: ???

Haaay sarap matulog


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