Friday, May 15, 2009

Apologize for being so Heartless

Hubby and I both haven't heard of Kanye's Heartless, which was sang by Kris Allen in the final 3 episode of AI, and according to Randy it was better than the original. Here's the video of Kanye's song.

Now here's another version of "Apologize" which is Kris' first song as the judge's choice for him.

Joema bets Kris has a chance of winning AI. The homecoming episode showed a lot of his supporters from Arkansas. And Kris knows how to choose a song. It's gonna be a real exciting finale next week.


major said...

I'm totally voting for Kris.

karen said...

That was me! I forgot to change logins.

cris said...

go! vote vote vote! i'm excited to see the finale!

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