Friday, May 15, 2009

Wow Our Home

The husband and I were watching The Wow Factor last night at the travel channel. The host spruced up the living room of two bachelors..she changed it from blah and bland to vavavoom, from beige and whites to orange and black pin stripes. It was actually really nice. So now I'm thinking of doing some redecorations in our unit. Although we have very limited space and budget, I'm thinking we could still make our home much cozier, put on some personal touches and give the space more personality. Tara Bernard, the host of the show, tackled the layout of the unit first and then from there she showed the guy some places for inspiration. And from there they chose the materials to be used and furniture. So for our space I guess we'll take on one corner or small space after the other. Add a little figurine there or a picture frame there, we'll do it slowly but surely. We won't be buying new furniture like pieces of rustic furniture because as it is we don't have enough space for that. Maybe for our dream vacation home, we can buy rustic pieces that will remind us of the country much like homes in Baguio City. I digress, I should be thinking about changes in our home now. Oh, Our Home is having a sale today until Sunday at SM Megamall, so I might make a little peek at the pieces they have. I might find some accessories for our place.

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