Thursday, May 28, 2009

Microtel Mactan

We finally went on a vacation over the weekend - our destination Cebu/Bohol. Since I don't have all the photos yet, I just want to blog about the hotel we stayed in – Microtel Inn, Mactan. They have a summer promo - 4,400 per night on weekends and 3,700 per night on weekdays (with free island hopping on weekends and massage on weekdays) which is still valid until 30 June 2009. We stayed there from the 24th to the 26th. Our flight was early morning so we were at the hotel around 7am but we didn't have any problems checking in. Our rooms were ready and we had breakfast after we settled in. I specifically requested for a room that had a pool view and I'm very much surprised we had one because they earlier said that Standard rooms are the non-pool-view-rooms. Yey for that one. And I also requested that we have one of the free breakfasts on our first day since we won't be eating there the next day, they also granted my request. So let me tour you around the hotel.

Kyla at one of the customized seating for little girls. So cute!

Cobonpue seating at the dining area

The view of the sea from the dining area

Our beds..we slept on one bed the first night and slept on the other bed the second night.

Mirrors mirrors on the wall

The very clean shower and toilet.

View from our room..although we kept the curtains shut because all the guests will be able to see what's going on inside our room if we didn't.


Anna said...

Criiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss!! Kakaloka, am living my travel dreams vicariously through yoooohoooooo!!! Ang ganda pala ng Microtel??? kaya pala my friend in Cebu was suggesting Microtel - pero yung sinasabi niya sa kin the one in Cebu City proper which I doubt is as nice as this one in Mactan. and the Cobonpue chairs!!! I loooove. the furniture in your pictures, i loooooove!!!!

cris said...

yes super ganda! bago lang ata itong sa mactan...i didn't know they also have one in cebu city. lahat ng cobonpue chairs sa lobby inupuan ko at may pekchur ako ahahaha!

Anna said...

yung microtel sa cebu, according to my friend there, is not as nice as the microtel in mactan. or mictorel ata in bohol ba yon? basta basic and clean and affordable. ay bohol nga! may micortel rin ata sa bohol daw - affordable rin and maayos, but def not as nice as this!

cris said...

you can check their website for the different branches. meron sila sa bora, palawan and davao.

Ana Banana said...

Hi! ang sarap naman ng vacation, the place look nice:) Sa room rate ba nila you can use all the facilities in the hotel including the pool? We're planning to have our Cebu-Bohol Trip on January and I'm glad napadako ako sa blog mo dami kong tips na nakuha.

Do you think enough na yung 1 day 1 night stay sa Cebu..coz we want to spend the remaining 2 days in Bohol parang mas marami kaseng magandang puntahan don eh.

Dami kong tanong no... hope you don't mind :)

cris said...

Hi Ana! Yep kasama na sa room rates ng Microtel ang gamit ng pool. :) I think your itinerary is okay. 1st day sa Cebu then 2nd day you can go to Bohol and do a full day of city tour and then on your 2nd day in Bohol (3rd day of your trip) you can spend early morning whale watching and just chilling sa beach.

Have fun on your vacation!

Ana Banana said...

Thanks for the info. Cris, I hope maging masaya and memorable ang vacation namin. I'll just give you an update in my blog. BTW, i'll link you up! Thanks :)

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