Friday, May 29, 2009

Unfinished Monaco

Even if we were in Cebu on the 24th, we made sure we are able to watch the race. So after dinner, we immediately went back to our hotel to watch. We missed the first lap but 'twas okay since the start of the race is usually recapped during the Checkerd Flag. I miss seeing Vettel in the podium. Heck, it's been two races in a row! Sheesh! So sad Vettel wasn't even able to finish Monaco. The race would have been more surprising if he was there for me to watch. In the end Button won AGAIN! Hohum! As Alex Yoong said, this is starting to be a snorefest. Blech! I hope Red Bull drivers will win next race (Turkey) after having a feel of their newly installed double diffuser and KERS button. Although both weren't of help in Monaco. But dear hubby was happy Ferrari finished 3rd and 4th (yey finally a podium finish for them hehehe).

Vettel's car being lifted off the track after he crashed into the tire barrier

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