Monday, June 22, 2009

Being Online

Yza asked about what other people do with the different social networking sites. And I answered her that I don't really use Friendster that much unless someone messages me or sometimes I use it to greet other people happy birthday. Then Multiply is where I keep all my photos cause I like how you can control who are the people who gets to see your photos. Then Facebook I don't really get to update much but I use it to keep me updated with what's happening with my friends and also for the games like Pet Society and Word Challenge. Don't you just love playing online? Especially when you can play with your friends? I bumped into a site where you can play multiplayer games, It's free and you can play with your friends there. I have yet to cave in to Twitter or Plurk because…well, I don't know. My thinking is I don't think people will want to know what I'm doing everyday. I don't think people will follow me there.

So how about you? How many sites/online accounts do you keep?

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