Tuesday, June 30, 2009


What were you doing last Friday when you heard that Michael Jackson was dead?

I first heard/read about it on Facebook, that Friday morning. It didn't occur to me to watch CNN to know more details about it. I guess my mind wasn't clear because of the meds I was taking. Anyhoo, after taking a nap that afternoon I tuned in to CNN and Fox News and got my dose of news about what happened to the King of Pop. I'm not really a fan but Michael Jackson is MICHAEL JACKSON. Being born in the 80's, I grew up to his music. Later that night, the hubby and I watched the specials on Channel [V]. His videos are awesome and he did revolutionize music videos in the 80's with Thriller and Bad. They were mini-movies not just music videos.

May he rest in peace.


Anna said...

i'm worried about his kids, man! i hope someone takes care of them. eh di ba bankrupt na si jacko? ay ay ay kawawa naman mga anak niya

cris said...

sabi sa news nasa 500M dollars ang utang nya. his london tour would have been able to gain back his finances...sayang! i heard jacko's mom will have temporary custody of the kids.

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