Monday, June 29, 2009

Swine Flu

I'm back to work after three days of getting sick last week. Good thing I was up and about by Saturday all though I still have a nasty, nasty cough. So what did I do while I was sick? Aside from panicking and worrying that it might be swine flu (nope I didn't get it..thank God!):

- slept all day
- played solitaire on my phone
- finally finished Twilight (the book - might have to do a separate post on my oh-so-late review)

Boring noh?


Anna said...

huy! kaya pala tagal mo rin walang updates! when i logged on the other day was fully expecting backlog in my blogreading at thumbelinaleaf, gulat ako wala masyado. I hope you feel better soon!!!

cris said...

haha that's the exact same thing I was thinking about your blog. yun pala may nangyari din sayo kaya walang updates.

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