Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Of Photos and Videos

Been researching anew for wedding photographers and videographers because I'm helping a friend. On the wedding date they first chose, both Bim and Jayson are no longer available on that date. Tsk! Sayang! She wanted both of them pa naman sana. And then she chose another date because the hotel she wanted was not available on the first date and she was going a bit berserk looking for a good photographer and videographer in less than 6 months. Both Bim and Jayson are available for the second date. They were both so kind to have the date pencilbooked. But alas, they went to see if their feng-shui would be OK with that date, the temple they went to doesn't have a "catalog" for 2010 yet plus the pastor they wanted for their wedding is not available on the second date they chose. So now they are back to looking for a wedding date. And she already asked Jayson and Bim for their available dates in 2010 hehehe. Anyways, it just got me looking thru our wedding photos and video (the onsite) again. Our wedding album is almost almost finish. Just waiting for the revised layout from Jayson. I'm sure even with their newborn baby girl, they will still squeeze in our wedding album. Jo Anne even wants to join shoots for their June weddings already. Jayson and Jo Anne, congratulations again!!! As for our edited videos, I think we still have to wait for a couple of months. But that's okay because I'm sure it will all be worth it. Bim's some kinda perfectionist so I don't think I have to worry a thing. It's a relief to know we didn't have to go through that kind of stress when we were setting our wedding date. And didn't have a glitch looking for a photographer and videographer.

They rock!

Jayson and Jo Anne with their team

Bim and Gen with their team

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