Monday, June 08, 2009

We're Not Happy

Q: Sebastian, P3 for you. Another great result but from the pole this time sadly no win. But you were leading for a little bit on the first lap.

Sebastian Vettel: Yeah, up to turn nine and ten. It worked out okay at the start. I stayed ahead. Then I nearly lost the car at nine and ten. It was my mistake. I think all race it was difficult there. It was a bit of tail wind and it was extremely difficult, so even on the second lap I nearly lost the car again, so it was quite tricky. But still I think it would not have made a big difference as Jenson was just too quick today, so I think I wouldn’t have been able to hold him anyway. After that I knew my strategy. But we have seen that Jenson was not behind us and we were not opening a gap to him. It was the opposite, so I thought we were switching to two stop. We did not and then obviously in my second stint I was in traffic to Jenson and he was on a heavier fuel load than me. I nearly passed him. There was one chance but it was quite tricky and after that I lost a little bit of time there and it turned out that the three stop possibly was not as quick as two stop today. Nevertheless a good result for the team. I am not happy but I think we can be very satisfied to take second and third and it is getting closer, so that is a good thing.

I was not happy too, Sebastian. Tsk, tsk! It was frustrating to see you go from winning pole and then on race day first lap making that mistake that sent Jenson Button to first place. After that I resigned myself that you would probably be second place. But you had the chance to take over the first place were inching in on button. And then you had to go the pits. But what the heck didn't change your tires to soft compound? Why didn't they change your strategy to have two pit stops? I think you would have a chance to be the winner or even second place if it weren't for that three stop. Haaay! But it was nice seeing you again at the podium albeit your sad face.

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