Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vettel and Fez

Last Sunday was a happy day. Not only was it Father's day, it was also the day Vettel won his 2nd race for this season of F1. I was already happy when he placed first during qualifying. But a bit doubtful because last race he was also P1 during qualifying but Button was able to snag first place. It turned out to be a good thing that Button placed only 6th during qualifying and Barrichello was the one on first row with Vettel. He seemd to breeze throughout the 60 laps but I was bit nervous pa rin all throughout the race. What if he makes a mistake again or what if he met an accident. And what was he thinking when he overlapped the last placers (I think it was Alonso and a BMW Sauber car) like that. they (the other drivers) were racing against each other and he was just like hello there! I'm passing through hahaha. Even the commentators thought it was a Toro Rosso car racing with the others, and it turned out to be Vettel.

And what a race for Massa! He was 11th after the qualifying but he placed 4th on race day. Both hubby and I were happy with the outcome of this last race. But I wished he would have placed 3rd instead of Barrichello because I wanted to hear him speak during the post-race press conference. See, during the pre-show for the race, he was shown in an interview about all these FIA-FOTA fiasco. And when I heard him speak he reminded me of Fez from That 70's Show. It cracked me up.

They don't look alike but they sound alike hehe.

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