Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Office Party

It's less than two weeks to go before Christmas so a lot of us are attending parties left and right. Last weekend I went to two parties, one of which is our office year-end party. We had it at the Crowne Plaza and this year's theme was James Bond. I've mentioned several times that I've transferred departments so I wasn't really keen on attending the party this year because I haven't gained a lot friends yet. But all my worries were out the window the instant me and my colleagues started talking about what to wear to the party.

My department now is relatively smaller than my previous one so it really felt new to me when the party started. Dinner was first in the agenda then we had some raffle prizes given off. A group of orphaned kids performed a medley of songs and dance numbers. Then there's the game where they show a scene from a James Bond movie and we had to guess which movie it's from. I don't really know much about James Bond (maybe just the recent ones) so we hit the photobooth. Here are some of my favorite photos.


ana banana said...

Just drop by to say Merry Christmas Chris! Nice Christmas Party Theme... James Bond 007... Astig!

cris said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Ana!

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