Friday, February 05, 2010

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

This week's been so busy at work...just trying to squeeze in a little blogging time for now. I have to share this. Today's been equally busy and I'm feeling a bit down because of some bad news at the work front..but I receive this text from the hubby: Kakaiyak Forrest Gump. Tatapusin ko lang 'to tas tulog na ko.

Hihi my husband will kill me if he knew I've blogged about this. But his text made my day. :-) Just a little background: the other night we were able to catch Forrest Gump on HBO but we weren't able to finish it. While watching it, my husband were asking a bunch of questions and I'm like "Didn't you ever watch Forresst Gump?" I think I've watched it a couple of times or I really loved it back then because I still remember the movie. And I don't really remember much about movies I've watched years ago, unless for the two conditions I've mentioned. While my husband on the other hand, if he has watched the movie, he will definitely remember much about it. So yes, I gave him that look "Duh? This is like an Oscar favorite and this was shown in local cinemas for months". And he says to me that he hasn't really watched the movie completely because he knows it's a tear-jerker but I tell him it's a movie where you cry because you get inspired not just because it's really heavy, hard-to-carry-in-your-chest-after-watching-it drama. After you've cried your eyes out, you feel inspired and wonderful. So I was really happy he decided to watch it..coz you really never know what you're gonna get hehehe.

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