Saturday, February 06, 2010

I Turned 30

I did! I turned 30 last 28 January. But the celebration lasted the whole weekend. I was able to get a leave from work on the day of my birthday. Whew! I thought my supervisor wouldn't allow it. Celebrated it quietly at home, but went out during lunch time to have mass. Unfortunately, there were no mass celebrated in churches because the priests had some conference they went to. So the hubby and I just had lunch instead.

Joema wasn't able to file for a leave on Thursday so our celebration was extended up to the next day. He bought me cake and gave me my present.

So cool! I so love love love my present!! It's a travel case from Hellolulu. My husband knows me so well!

Saturday night was spent with friends. Had dinner, Rock Band and poker at Tric and Heyl's place.

You know you're getting older when you enjoy surfing the net looking for houses for sale hahaha. Because that's what we did after playing. When did all the time go? We used to just think about exams and boys, but now we're thinking about where to live and buy our home. Our friends T and E showed us the house they were planning to buy. We hope they do buy it, poker night every weekend hahaha!

And then on Sunday, we had lunch with my parents and brother. Sorry no pictures. Was too busy eating hahaha! Another celebration was with my flyfish friends but that should be another blogpost (coz it was just disquised as our celebration but it was a party for a totally different person hehe). All in all, I celebrated my birthday with the people I love - with my husband, my family and friends. Turning 30 wasn't that bad.


Anonymous said...

shucks super late na pala nito.... Belated happy happy birthday Cris! =) -yza

cris said...

hehe oks lang sis! thank you!

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