Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Celebrity Magazines

What's up with local celebrities publishing their own magazines?

First, there's Kris Aquino who always looks picture perfect on the cover, it's obviously photoshopped or she always has Liposuction done before each photoshoot. I had a chance to see one of the issues of her magazine where there's an article on her travels with her kids and husband. And in those photos, accompanying that article, she looks totally different thatn the one on the cover.

A few weeks back while walking inside the mall with some officemates, they pointed Jolina Magdangal's magazine - Jolie. Angelina Jolie might hear of this and tell Jolina she got the name from Angie. Remember that rumor when Mariah Carey supposedly called Regine Velasquez "monkey" when she learned that Regine was copying her style? But I think that never happened in real life, just a rumor. Anyways, did you know that Jolie is actually Angelina's middle name but then she dropped her real surname and changed her full name to Angelina Jolie? I think this was the time that she and her father had some misunderstanding. Saw this on E True Hollywood stories.

Then this afternoon I saw that Sharon Cuneta has her own magazine too. From the cover of the magazine, I think the contents are pretty nice kind of like Martha Stewart magazine going on in there.

So, which of the three will you buy?


jellybelly said...

Sometimes celebrity magazines contain interesting articles. However, given the choice between the three, I will check our Kris Aquino's. A lot of people criticize her but they cannot get enough when there are news about her.

cris said...

hehe true true! It's always a national issue when something happens to Kris.

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