Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grace's Birthday at Kota

Our second whole day (technically, third day) in Kota Kinabalu was Grace's birthday - 9th March. I was the first one to wake up so I was able to greet her immediately when she opened her eyes. We again hit the buffet at Cafe Tatu for breakfast and had pansit for for long life.

After breakfast we tried hitting the beach but there's a huge sign that there might be jellyfish plus the water's a bit too deep for us so we went back to the pool.

We met this little boy who is so talkative and so adorable. He'd tell his father, "Papi please help me, I can't do that because I'm so small." We later found out he was only 3 and a half years old but he swam cautiously by himself.

We had our lunch in our room, Grace and I split an order of duck curry because we didn't want to eat too much. The original plan was to eat dinner buffet at Cafe Tatu so we didn't want to be too full for that hehehe - preparing our stomach for the really big meal ahead of us. Then it was "lazying around" time again. We took a nap and then headed out to take photos in the resort.

This is at the courtyard on our wing.

This is where we whiled away the afternoon waiting for sunset.

The view from where we were seated...the Chi Spa on the right...

and the sunset on our left.

When we got back to our room a birthday cake was waiting for Grace. And soon after we arrived I heard a knock on our door - a hotel staff brining in more gifts for Grace, bath therapy from the Chi Spa with instructions on how to use them. The Spa also offered a 20% discount but unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to make the appointment and actually go there for the massage.

For dinner we changed our minds, so instead of pigging out at the buffet we tried fine dining at Peppino. I don't think I'll get used to this kind of eating..everything's so formal. I'm pretty sure they didn't get those lights in some sale lighting.

We again went to Happy Hour but this time at the Borneo Lounge which is just outside Peppino. It was totally a coincidence that our clothes were matching that night.

We ordered mai thais but after three rounds we were both tipsy ahaha. I wasn't even able to finish my third glass, Grace had to finish it for me.

Happy birthday, Gracia! I wish you all the best beacuse you deserve it! I hope next time we can have our dream cruise with our respective partners *wink, wink*

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