Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two in a Row

Yes, two! Count them - one, two! Two races when Vettel got the pole position during the qualifying race but ended up with no podium finish during the race. Argh! I wasn't able to watch the live telecast of the Australian GP which was 2pm Manila time earlier today. We were out of the house because the electricity was down in our neighborhood. But when we got home we were just in time for the last 8 laps. Star Sports was showing Kubica, Massa, Alonso, Hamilton and Webber catching up on each other and placed 2nd to 6th respectively so I thought maybe Vettel has left them all behind him at first place. Turned out he was already out of the race because of another car problem. Yikes! And that Jenson Button was the one leading the pack - double yikes! Ahahaha I don't really like that guy, I'm not impressed with all his wins. I just had to read about the race online (after researching about US Navy SEALs Store) and read about what happened to Vettel. I found out it was some brake failure that made Vettel lose the race. Tsk! The good news is I won't be so nervous watching the replay later tonight because I already know what wil happen hahaha! I hope they figure out what's really wrong with the car and make up for it next week at the Malaysian Grand Prix. I want to see him back at the podium ASAP and want to see him really having a shot at the driver's championship!

Bahrain GP - P1 qualifying, 4th place race day
Australian GP - P1 qualifying, DNF race day

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