Friday, April 16, 2010

Cut Cut Cut

Remember when I blogged about my plans to study in the US? Just thought about it again because my friend was bugging me yesterday while I was at work, only to ask me to help him with his work. Argh! That's what friends do, right? Annoy each other hahaha. Back then my friend and I, thinking that we'll get accepted, were worried about the most inane things when we finally get to the States, like how I'll cope with the cold during weeks of winter because my nose is a bit sensitive. I was pretty sure my nose will be clogged all winter. And then how expensive the haircuts are there that I seriously considered enrolling in Ricky Reyes' fashion school to study haircutting hahaha. Seriously, I figured I can even cut hair for other students there for a little pocket money. I was even thinking of buying haircutting scissors (I'm right handed so I don't need to buy Left Handed Scissors) hahaha. That would have been a nice skill to acquire especially since I heard from a friend that she's the one who cuts her son's hair because he doesn’t want to go to the barber or kids' salon. (Note to self: I should gift her with Left Hand Scissors for Christmas.) What if my future kid(s) is also like that? Then I need to cut his hair and I wouldn't want him looking like a bowl was put on his head and I just cut his hair across the rim of the bowl. One day, I should really get down to doing these things that I wish I'd do.


Anna said...

hahaha, i hear ya! me instead of cutting hair, on my to-do list - enroll in sewing school! kailan ba tayo makakapag ganyan cris!!!

cris said...

Shet Anna gusto ko din nyan! I have a friend whose Ate enrolled in a sewing school in Manila and he told me na hindi kailangan ng sewing machine. Sa school talaga tinatahi yung homeworks nila and kung kelan ka free pwede ka magdropby to do it. Kaso malayo sa kin ang Manila, ang malapit sa kin yung school sa San Miguel Ave. in Ortigas. Haha ang haba ng comment ko..I should make another blogpost about this.

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