Monday, April 12, 2010

Before the Weddings

Last Thursday night, we met up with the gang for a much needed dinner/get-together. The brides and grooms gave their wedding invitations and we're all excited with the upcoming weddings. Yes, we have two weddings in May and then another one on the first week of June.

We all met up and had dinner at Uncle Cheffy's in Eastwood Mall. The first ones to arrive are me and Joema and then Janice and Penny, together with Pao came since their office was just a few blocks from the mall. We ordered Cheese Panizza, Seafood Panizza and some ribs. Everything was delicious. I was starving so when the food arrived we immediately started eating. Mands and Weng arrived just in time before the food arrived. They immediately gave us their invites which had a sticker with a mirror image of their names. So cool!

Since their wedding is a in a few weeks, pretty much everything's taken cared of. I'm kind of jealous because their honeymoon is in vita e bella!

Jose, Charline and Allan were a bit late because of work. We had to order another round of panizza and ribs for them. While Mands and Weng's invites had a cool mirror image of their names, Allan and Charline's wedding invite had math symbols on it. How many can you find?

Like Mands and Weng, Allan and Charline are done with almost everything for their wedding. Now this two lovebirds are taking a cruise on their honeymoon..another jealous moment for me hahaha! Steve and Rhea's is the third wedding but they weren't able to come to dinner.

Here are more photos from that night.

Charline and Allan rocking it!

Jose is famous!

Us with Janice in a car showroom.

Penny, Weng and Mands from a window.

Photos were taken by Pao but I created the effects from this site where you can create fun photos like these. You can select different effects from their fun photo box. Create funny pictures yourself and go to the site.


Anna said...

uy i really like the mirror image invites! where'd they get that done?

cris said...

Hi Anna! A friend did the writing for them and then I think they just asked the printers to print in on a sticker.

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