Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Weekend at Sofitel

We were in Sofitel over the weekend for our deparment outing so I invited our friends over. Joy and Mek came early with the kids. They weren't in a hurry to go swimming so we just hang out at first. My godson, Miguel, was in his zone that weekend, he dances on cue when his mom plays the music. When he saw his sister wearing her swimsuit he said, "Swimming! Swimming!" So they changed his clothes and here he is ready to swim in his rashguard.

While the kids were swimming, we were waiting for the sunset. I've been to this hotel a number of times but this was the first time I was able to see the sunset from this place.

Miguel was cold after his short swim.

After Miguel, Kyla and Joy had their swim and after washing up, we met up with the other guys for dinner. Our treat in celebration of Joema's birthday. We ate at Super Bowl in Mall of Asia. We were happy with how fast their service was and the food is great.

We then headed back to our hotel room for a game of poker.

The guys left around 2am. We would have watched the replay of the qualifying round of the Monaco leg but I was too sleepy. And even if we slept late, we had to wake up early because we couldn't pass up eating buffet breakfast at Spiral. Our stay wouldn't be complete without this hehe.

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