Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bitch is in the Beach

We tried drinking on our first night in Coron but we called it a night only after about an hour. We were worried we won't be able to wake up early the next day.

Mek, Joema and I woke up around 6am, which is still early considering our breakfast was scheduled for 7am so we did some photoshoot at the beach.

Before 7am, Ja and Kim were up and were part of the group for the picture taking. Only Joy was missing. Our failed attempt at a jump shot!

We woke up Joy before eating breakfast. Or she would have missed this...yummy!

After eating, we changed into our swim wears and were ready to get off the resort. Small boat first before going to the big boat, although we could have waded in the water.

We passed by some mangroves, there were actually a lot in the area where the resort was.

After going through the mangroves, our boatman checked if there were any damage to our boat. Unfortunately, the clutch of our boat was damaged but fortunately, we were stranded in an area where other boats were passing by and still near the resort. So our boatman hitched a ride with another boat and we waited for him to get a boat from the resort. You would think this would dampen our spirits but we were there to enjoy and enjoy we did! We took more photos!

When our rescue boat arrived, we were again off to our destination. First stop, Banol beach!

We were the only ones there when we arrived and had the beach to ourselves. The sand is so white!

And the water is so clear, it's like we're swimming in a pool!

I love this photos...this is now my profile pic on FB hehe

This one's a nice series...the water is a bit salty so you can just imagine how the water stings the eyes. Here's my hubby fighting it off with the water after taking off his mask.

We love love love this beach!

It was only a few minutes before we had lunch that another boat arrived. I was a bit pissed off because we had to share the beach with someone else haha! They were telling me "the bitch is in the beach" because I didn't want to move an inch even when another boat was arriving to dock. Our lunch was superb! We had crabs, grilled fish and adobo! With mangoes for dessert!

After eating it was time to say goodbye to Banol Beach and head off to Twin Lagoons.

To be continued…


Anna said...

Kakaika ang pagka clear ng water! And now tuloy am craving mangoes!!! Cris!!!!

cris said...

Super tamis ng mangoes nila don kahit maliliit.

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