Monday, June 21, 2010

Independence Weekend in Coron

For Independence Day weekend, the hubby and I together with some friends went to Coron.

We flew via Air Philippines Express. Took the 1:40pm flight and we arrived in Busuanga around 2:30pm.

The road trip from the airport to the town took a round 30-45 minutes. From the port, the boat ride to Majika Resort took around 45mins-1 hour.

It was low tide when we arrived at the resort and there was no way the boat can dock by the beach. So they asked us to alight from the boat, transfer to a smaller boat and then wade through the water all the way to the beach.

Found this little star fish along the way.

Wading through the water started out to be fun but when we saw there were jellyfish in the water, we tried doing it faster. Unfortunately, we had to be slow and careful as there was a part near the beach that seemed like quicksand. When you step into it, your feet up to your knees can be immersed into the sand. Anyways, we were immediately checked into our cottages where we rested for a while. Our guide also discussed the tours we were going to do for the next two days. After that we went hiking within the resort.

Look how amazing the view is on top of the hill.

What will you do with that beautiful view? Why, take loads of photos of course!

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