Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wedding Month

It's been awhile since I've blogged here. But don't fret (if there is anyone fretting out there because I haven't blogged), I have a lot of backposts to do.

Since June is the month of weddings, let's start with the wedding of my friend Steve to Rhea. Their wedding was done at the Gazebo Royale last 6 June. It would have been an opportunity for us to be complete this time. You see, we started 7 in our group without the significant others. We were once officemates in a life insurance company. Now 6 of us are already married but in each one of those weddings there is always ALWAYS someone missing. Technically all 7 of us were there but we were missing one SO – Pao. I don't know if that's significant or what but we were really hoping we can finally be complete in this one event. Oh well, crossing my fingers we'll be complete for Jose's wedding, we have to find him a bride first though.

Anyways, back to Steve and Rhea's wedding. Here are some photos.

The very happy groom.

Jose was groomsman again (he was groomsman in Mands and Weng's wedding, too).

Rhea being presented to Steve as his bride.

The bride and groom were both emotional starting from the messages to their parents up to their vows.

Us during the reception.

Now onto the photobooth pics! Us girls!

And our almost complete photobooth pic (without Pao and the couple).

Congratulations, Steve and Rhea!

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