Monday, July 19, 2010

The Rest of our 2nd Day in Coron

Our next destination after Twin Lagoon was Kayangan Lake. Before reaching Kayangan lake, we had to hike up a hill and from the top we had to go down to go to Kayangan Lake. Whew! When we got to the top, it was time for some photo op. Look at that amazing view behind us.

Then we started trekking down the hill. The minute we saw the lake what we immediately thought about was Tabing Ilog. We started singing “Sa Ilog ang mundo’y tahimik” hehehe. Remember that youth oriented show where John Lloyd Cruz starred in? I don't know what it is about the lake or basta the minute I saw it I remembered Tabing Ilog. Must be the OBB where they show all the actors and actresses just frolicking in the river.

We didn’t explore the lake as much as we did Twin Lagoon. We didn’t stay long either because a few minutes after we’ve arrived, people started arriving and then the rain came. The rain was pouring a bit hard when we decided to leave. It was a bit dangerous going up and down the hill with the circumstances we're in. It was raining hard already and the slopes are so slippery. One of us actually slipped hard on his bum while going down. Good thing nothing really bad happened. Looking back, imagine if I was the one who slipped I was supposed to be a few weeks pregnant then!

After Kayangan Lake, we went snorkeling at Siete Pecados. This literally means seven mountains. The area where you can snorkel is surrounded by 7 big limestone rocks or you can say small mountains. The fish here are so big! There were some bigger than my head. I was actually scared they might bite us when our tourguide started throwing rice into the water (this is how they attract the fish).

Ready to head back to Majika after snorkeling.

We were tired after all the activities we had. So when we got back to the resort, we just relaxed, had dinner and were all ready to hit the sack.

Some pa-artsy shot...beautiful colors of the sunset!

Waiting for the dinner bell to ring. In Majika Resort, the food is served in the mess hall. All the guests are informed that food is already served when you hear a bell.
Yum! Crabs again for dinner!

And that ends our second day in Coron. Sorry I had to do my Coron post by installment. I can’t post them in one long post as that will take so much time. Watch out for my next Coron entry!


Ria Hazel said...

Wow ang ganda naman ng Coron. I wish I could go there too. This year! heheh :)

cris said...

Yes, super ganda talaga sa Coron! Go there with your bf :)

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