Thursday, July 22, 2010

Preggy Me @ 9 Weeks

Nothing much really changed from last week. I guess I just started hating my regular pants hahaha! I think I'm in denial.

I say: I can fit in my pants!
My pants say: NOT!

But according to the book "What to Expect When you're Expecting" my expanding waistline is totally legit even if other people say that I wouldn't be showing until the third month (which is in three weeks!). I'm quoting the book on this "Your expanding waistline may very well be a legitimate by-product of pregnancy, especially if you started out slender (ehem ehem), with little excess flesh for your growing uterus to hide behind. Or it may be a result of bowel distention, very common in early pregnancy...."

The dress I wore (from Ukay Manila) above is a little big for me so it still has some room when I get a litte bigger in the coming weeks. Can't wait to finish reading the book. I'm not sure though how to read it. Should I read it every month when I enter that month of my pregnancy or should I try to finish the book in one go?

And it's really obvious to me now that I'm always tired and sleepy! Before getting pregnant, I don't have problems walking. If we can walk going to our destination then let's walk...but now I just don't have the energy. I tire easily. And I am always asleep when we're here at home. Last Saturdays, I woke up early but after eating around 10am I'm sleepy again. So I slept and woke up around 3pm. Then I'm sleepy again around 9pm! All I do is sleep hahaha! My hubby's such a darling he's taking on most of the household chores - washing the dishes, doing the laundry, cleaning even ironing. Although he didn't have much success in the latter. I think I'll be doing the ironing again just not like before because I'm sure I can't stand for long periods of time. Anyways, we just iron jeans and some shirts because it's just too expensive to have it done by the laundry shop (the jeans I mean), they charge by kilo and one pair of jeans is almost one kilo already, plus the shirts shrink!


~currant7 said...

congrats congrats, sis cris!!!!
i'm so excited for the both of you. :) do post more photos as you progress on your weeks.

cris said...

thanks, sis!!! :D yes, i'll post more pics as i grow bigger hehe

Anna said...

Ayan na, super antukin ka na nyan talaga. First trimester talaga all I did was sleep too! Ang hirap mag work at one point. I love the dress Cris! Mabubuhay ka without preggy clothes if you buy puro empire and babydoll dresses!

P.S. Uy, Cris, I still haven't received the package you sent via courier. Shet baka nawala?!

cris said...

Hi Anna! Yes super antukin talaga. All I do with my spare time is sleep ata hahaha.

Oh no! San kaya napunta yung package. It was sent daw through USPS air letter. Di kaya nagloko na naman ang Philippine post??? :( I'll ask if there's a way we can trace the package.

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