Sunday, August 15, 2010

ManilaBaby Shop Giveaway

I love blogging especially when you meet a blogger friend (shoutout to Anna!) and that particular blogger friend has other awesome friends who blog and gives away stuff! I'm talking about Anna's friend, Neva of who is also behind ManilaBaby Shop! She is giving away 2 diaper bags!

From ManilaMommy:

The promo period will start today, Aug. 9, 2010 up to Aug. 27, 2010.

The LifeSavers is a super light weight, canvas bag which we use to bring DW’s stuff for overnight trips. This bag has also been used as a laptop bag and can also be used as a school bag for school-aged kids!

The Froot Loops is diaper bag that converts into a stroller bag so that you can have easy access to your baby’s stuff anytime, anywhere!

Both bags have waterproof interiors with lots of pockets. You also get a free extra large changing pad which provides maximum coverage for those public changing stations and a plastic pouch!

I'm hoping my pregnancy luck will kick in and win one of these diaper bags! The first thing I liked when I read about these diaper bags is the style! It's unisex that daddies won't be embarrassed to carry them. Okay, I know there are daddies who will carry anything for their babies even if they get embarrassed but even if they aren't, the daddies will be stylish when carrying these bags. Hehe from the looks of it, I think I'm psyching my husband he will be the one who will carry the baby stuff once the baby's here.

Anyways, it would have been fun if I just keep the guidelines of the giveaway to myself so that no one else will win but I have to share it with you. So head on over to ManilaMommy and enter the raffle.

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Anna said...

Yihee! Shout out noted! *Kilig!

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