Monday, August 09, 2010

Preggy Me @ 11 Weeks

This Preggy Me post is starting to be my weekly roundup thing. I can’t get myself to open the PC at home and blog. I’m really just always tired and sleepy.

Anyways, let’s proceed. I have two outfit photos this week hehe. The first one, I just want to brag that I can still fit into my regular jeans. Although the waistline of this pair is 27 inches hahahaha! I’m 11 weeks and 1 day pregnant in this photo.

Then, this is what I wore when we watched CATS over the weekend.

The top is not a maternity top but it has an empire cut, just right for preggy women like me. Wore tights underneath.

I almost almost got sleepy during the first act of Cats hehehe. The second act was more entertaining for me. By the way, can I say I love the theater! Joema and I left early for the 3pm show, we were at CCP around 2pm but people were already milling about. See, I'm such a stickler for time I don't like being late so sometimes we end up being the first ones in an event. But I was so happy to see people who are early too to watch the play hehe. We got seats for the the balcony so it was as if we were on the topmost although we were seated on the first row center of the balcony area. Lea Salonga was superb! Her voice is crystal clear and she is the greatest “cat” in the play. For those not in the know, Lea plays Grizabella and she sang I think only two times hehe but it was worth it..she sang beautifully!

Anyways, I think I’m starting to have the symptoms of being pregnant. For the past couple of days, my stomach’s been queasy - before and after I eat. And then yesterday, I craved for pancake from Pancake House – this is in the middle of a stormy Sunday night. My sweet husband tried calling the stores but no one seemed to want to deliver in the Mandaluyong Area. He had to go to Star Mall and then to Megamall to buy my pancake. We initially thought there’s a branch of Pancake House in Star Mall. Pancake House should update their website. Here's my yummy yummy pancake. To think, I could have put off eating pancake to today, since we were scheduled to have lunch in Pancake House today heehee.

And my nose is beginning to be really sensitive. I could smell the viand our neighbor is having! Actually I smelled them sauteéing first then I smelled the cooked ulam - I think it was bistek with onions. I can’t stand the smell of onions. Before, I can cook with it but yesterday when my parents brought tokwa't baboy, I hated the smell of onions. Then when my hubby and I went to the groceries and passed by the fruits and vegetables area, I almost threw up there. Good thing, I think, is that I’m always just naduduwal and not yet nasusuka. Know the difference? Well for me the latter means I have to throw up everything I ate and I haven’t thrown up anything I’ve eaten yet. For the time being. Wish me luck!


Anna said...

Oho! The symptoms are starting to show! The cravings! Heeheeheee. Any motion sickness?

Watch out though for sugar cravings ha! Gestational diabetes!

So lucky you got to watch Cats! I STILL don't have tickets - still waiting for my mommy to donate! Ack. And I've never seen Lea sing in person! Swerte niyo!!! Si baby so young but already exposed to the arts! Yipee!

cris said...

I haven't been eating sweets since I learned we were pregnant. An OB advised kasi to stay away na lang from them kasi wala naman nutritional value that they give. Although I still do eat once in a while only if handaan, dati kasi after every meal I want something sweet!

You have to watch Cats! It's my frist time to see Lea sing in person, too. It was magical. I never heard anyone sing like that.

Anna said...

Na-inspire nga ko to beg my mom when I read your feedback on Cats eh!!! Can't wait!

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