Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday with the Kids

Spent another Saturday with the kids - our godchildren.

First up was my godson's Christening. Paco is just three months old but look how big and chubby he is! So cute! I just to kiss him and hug him and maybe pinch him a little hehehe Just kidding with the last one. I wouldn't want to hurt this baby.

The giveaways are as cute as the celebrant. Mini cupcakes with cutesy toppings.

Will update this post when I get more photos of the baptism.

After the baptism, we just had time to go home and take a nap (just me, the husband did chores hehe). Then we're off to MOA for our godchildren's birthday celebration. It was a triple celebration for Kyla, Miguel and Yuri. They had a grand time at Timezone but I didn't haha. Wasn't feeling really good when we got there so Joy and I headed off to Congo Grille to ready our dinner. Didn't get to eat much of the viands, I sticked with what works for me - lechon kawali and sinigang na baboy.

Here are after-dinner pics. (Ooops, wew didn't have photos with Yuri!)

With the birthday boy, Miguel, and Heili.

With the birthday girl, Ate Kyla. I still can't believe she's this big already. Can't imagine how her parents feel now that she's all grown up. Parang kelan lang pinapanood lang namin sya mag-aral maglakad.

I love my godson! I so adore him. He calls me "Ninang Kish" coz he's still bulol. After dinner, he was calling me and asking me to come with him to buy him a balloon. How can I say to no this little darling? We went outside and I bought him a dog balloon which he calls "Ninang dog" or "Ninong dog" depending on who asks what the name of the dog is haha!

Can't wait to be a mom myself!


Anna said...

Ay, kay cute naman ng giveaways nila! Oy, you, you should be taking notes na ha (and sharing them to the rest of us, heehee. Marami pa tayong birthday parties na tatahakin!!!!!!!)

cris said...

Hahaha ako nga magsisimula palang sa binyag tapos saka palang mga birthday. Pero ako kasi I'm not quite fond of big celebrations kaya tingnan natin pag meron ng baby hehe.

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