Sunday, August 22, 2010

Coron Day 3

Most of our third day in Coron was spent snorkeling. We went to two World War II Japanese shipwrecks and the Bintuan Marine Park coral gardens.

This is in one of the two shipwrecks we went to. Joema and Mek wanted to pose with an extra life jacket to remind them of Tric who wasn't able to join us haha

In coral gardens...

look how clear the water is. There were so many different and colorful corals! I enjoyed snorkeling here.

Then we went to the BMP Sea Hotspring. For me, this was the highlight of the day. The boat docked by an area of mangroves then we waded through the mangroves and saw the hot spring.

Ang asawa ko acting na acting! We were supposed to pose like we were afraid..sya lang gumawa.

Photo-op muna with the mangroves

This is the hot spring. It's just knee deep but it's really hot! It's sort of like a big hot tub. Back then Ja had the foresight to tell me hotsprings are not good for pregnant women so she asked me if I’m sure I’m not pregnant. Since I wasn’t (and I was already pregnant then) I didn’t soak to much in the hot spring. I mean I was there but I didn’t dip my whole body just below the knees hehe.

Out of the hot water. Dito super lamig ng tubig although there are parts na mainit..parang may umihi lang hahaha

When we got out of the mangroves it was already high tide so we had to uses this little banca to go to our boat. I'm only pretending to use the paddle, our guide is really pulling us heehee

We were fascinated with our guides. They were excellent, excellent divers. Part of the joy of snorkeling is watching them play with the fish or hang out in the shipwrecks. This is in another shipwreck. Joy was being pulled by the guide to where the shop is.

We went to another snorkeling spot where there are lots of coral. But I got injured by one coral (it was lowtide then) so I just went back to the boat. But here I am still smiling as if I didn't just get hurt by the coral.

My husband enjoyed that spot. He said the corals were more colorful than the one we saw in coral garden.

That was it. That was our last day in Coron. The next day we were headed back to Manila, our vacation over. I'm gald I was able to do all those physical activities before (I knew) I got pregnant.

Till my next adventure trip...kelan na kaya yon?

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