Thursday, October 21, 2010

Feeling Ferrari

7 October

At the very beginning, my husband wanted to buy one for me and the baby (we already know the gender but will reveal in a separate post!). I was hesitant because I didn't think we can afford it. But we thought about it again and again and finally I said yes to it - it's not really a luxury anymore but a necessity for us, especially with the delicate condition that I'm in. I can't ask my father to drive for us everywhere everytime.

Actually, before my last check-up we checked on some cars that were included in a dealership promo in Megamall around mid September, I think. So we had a fair idea how much the cars are in the market. After comparing each and every car that we think fits our budget, we finally decided on the brand and make. I then inquired with a bank on their car loan. Fortunately, we can pay out the monthly amortization they are offering and the downpayment we had to pay. After my inquiry, everything was done in two weeks' time. By the last weekend of September, we were looking at a car dealership to see what color we wanted. Yes, we actually decided on which car to buy first before looking into an actual car hahaha! My husband wanted to get a red one because he is a Ferrari fan (my only reminder to him is HE'S NOT AN F1 DRIVER so he can't drive like one! hahah!) while I wanted to get the more subdued light blue.

Hubby "riding" the blue one

Did we get this color?

Or the fiery red one? (Isn't it obvious from the title? hehehe)

By the end of September, we have submitted our application form to the bank, together with the other required documents (copy of IDs, certificate of employment and ITR). The following weekend, the bank was already done with their credit investigation of us, they have confirmed with my employer that I am indeed employed with them.

Hubby signing all the papers for the bank
Come the following week, the bank had problems contacting my husband's employer - grrr! Turned out they only verify employments on Thursdays! So the bank had to wait until Thursday for my husband's employment verification before they can send the purchase order to the car dealership.

But even before Thursday, I had already reserved for a car color, seat cover color and the tint. I had also paid for everything that's needed to be paid (DP, 1st monthly amortization, insurance, LTO registration) and we had chosen the ending plate number (extra charge for the number we chose). So when the car dealership got the PO, they delivered our car on the same date! We were ecstatic!

Unfortunately, my husband had some problems getting his license...but that's another story to tell.

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