Thursday, October 21, 2010

Preggy Me @ 23 Weeks

I am now on my 23rd week of being pregnant. My face has gone bigger, my nose is like a tomato, my belly button is protruding, my arms are bigger, well, let’s just say everything got BIG! And there are days that I’m not liking it. There are days when I feel so ugly. There was this one time when we had to go to my godson’s party. Before we left for the party party, I had to change my outfit several times because I felt so fat and ugly with each set of clothes I tried to wear. My hubby said in a not insulting way that it’s okay because I’m pregnant. I blurted out in my angry voice that yes, I’m pregnant but I don’t want to look ugly. Then he hugged me and kissed me to tell me I’m not heeehee. My husband is my number one fan and my number one cheerleader. I actually feel the ugliest when the ugliness is translated into photos. I have a bunch of posts lined up – events we went to – but most of my photos are FUGLY! So you will probably just see those that I thought I’m pretty enough for public consumption hahaha! Everytime I see a pregnant woman with a big tummy, but small face, slim arms, I just want to wrangle her hahaha – just kidding! Well, I let out a big sigh and wish to high heavens I won’t get bigger as my pregnancy progresses. And with that, here's a photo of me when I was 21 weeks pregnant.

I want to list my pending posts so that I can start doing them and crossing them off my list:

1. the big purchase (no we didn't buy furniture)
2. Stefan’s birthday
3. Epoy’s stay in Manila
4. Adam’s wedding
5. entry to a blog contest

I won’t ante-date my blog posts and just put the exact dates the events happened in each, this way I won’t be confused. Most of my recent posts were ante-dated and it was really confusing for me hahaha!

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