Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ylla Shoes

I've been meaning to buy flat shoes because I can't go on for long hours in heels anymore and I'm afraid I might fall off my face if I .. it. But since I can't go to the mall for long hours and actually pick out shoes, I went off searching the internet. My problem with most Multiply sellers, how can you call yourselves online sellers when the only payment method you accept is deposit at your bank account. How can I buy something online when I need to still go out, go to the bank, and pay?!?!?! So I had to search, search and search. Finally, I found Ylla shoes. The styles are oh so cute -and they only sell flat shoes! And best of all they accept Paypal payments - although they charge 4% additional for it. I first ordered their Mary Jane flats but they're out of stock.

So I ordered these instead...

*Photos from Ylla's website.

They're not as cute as the Mary Jane's but still cute!

The shoes don't come in a box but in a cute eco-friendly pouch. When I first tried them on, I had a hard time putting the shoes on. I thought my feet already started swelling because I had to really open the shoes up and put my foot in.So I texted Kat of Ylla and she told me that the shoes will eventually get a bit loose over time because the padding inside the soles are a bit thick for extra comfort. She advised me to fold the back part forwards so that it'll get softer.

Wore them to work the next day, but unfortunately they hurt my feet, specifically the heel part where the back part of the shoes touches the back of my feet. Although I still think I got the wrong size, I'm usually a size 5 so that's what I ordered. So I suggest if you want to order from them, get one size bigger than your usual. It's not really that my feet are swelling because my old size 5 shoes I can still wear them. And I actually recently bought new flats (from SM department store - yes I did went anyways but only for a few minutes) in size 5. I haven't worn my Ylla shoes again but I will wear them again (because they are cute!). I think they just hurt my feet because they're new and I needed to break them in first.

I was 20 weeks and 6 days along in my pregnancy when I wore my Ylla shoes.

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