Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rock this Christmas

Last Friday was our department Christmas party at the Discovery Suites, although to be politically correct, we actually call it year-end party. As I mentioned in a previous post, our theme is Rock. We shot a video as part of the presentation. Each division was asked to present a video and the winning video was announced during the party - ala MTV Music Video Awards. We almost won hehe, we got the 2nd place but of course we all thought we should be the winners! Anyhoo, I was lucky enough this year to win in the raffle. Won myself a Starbucks tumbler (which reminds me I still have P300 worth of GCs from Starbucks which will expire this year)!

If I weren’t pregnant, I think I would have stayed until the end just like last year. The theme this year was so much fun the previous year’s. Everyone was game to dress and act like a rockstar. Let me show you the photos.


Anna said...

Cute mo namang rocker mommy!!! (Aren't those big, loose tops which are so uso now just a god-send for pregnant women???)

cris said...

OMG! Yes! Those big, loose tops I use are actually my mother's! Sakto sa kin hahaha!

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