Monday, January 03, 2011

Birthing Class

12 December 2010

On our last day in birthing class, we were taught how to clean the baby when she pees or poops, how to put on diapers (both cloth and disposable ones), how to swaddle, how to give a bath and discussed everything in between.

The dads are supposed to be in charge of changing the nappies since us moms are breastfeeding.

Here 's a class pic taken a week before our last I'm 29 weeks and 5 days pregnant in this photo.

Wacky shot!

Here are the contact details for our birthing class:

Rome Kanapi
Landline: 436-1757
Mobile: 0917-5415114


Anna said...

Cris! My gad! I'm back! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR HUBBY! And of course the little one!

You look good! And yes, parang tummy mo lang lumaki! Also, you don't sound like you're depressed na? Yehey! Sobrang lapit na!

Congrats on the birthing class! And oy, you got one of the best teachers ha. We called her and were supposed to sign up with Ms Kanapi too but di namin natuloy becoz of skeds (and er katamaran). But I've heard many great things about her class! You guys are in good hands!!!

cris said...

Anna, YAHOO you're back! Grabe I've missed your posts haha!

Nope di na ko masyadong nadepress...nakatulong ang holidays and Christmas spirit chorva hahaha!

We enjoyed our birthing class. Kahit na it took my afternoon Sunday nap away from me, okay na rin dahil dami naming natutunan..may mga freebies pa! Pinahiram pa ko ni Rome ng bath tub for the baby hahaha!

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