Monday, January 03, 2011

Preggy Me @ 33 Weeks

Happy New Year everyone! Let me start the year by blogging about my pregnancy which really is the highlight of our year. I'm now on my 33rd week, going on 34th by tomorrow. We had our OB check-up last Wednesday before 2010 ended. Good news is I didn't gain that much weight. Whew! 1 pound in 3 weeks yay! Our little girl is now 4lbs 10 oz. Everything seems to be doing great. We just have to week for my EDD. We've discussed our birth plan with our OB and decided on everything already. She has also already given us our kit in Medical City, which we have yet to read. On our next visit she will be teaching me on the breathing exercises and how to push when I finally am ready to give birth. She will also teach Joema how to put on medical gloves since we plan on him cutting the cord of our baby.

Here's the latest sonogram of Bambini. Although the image is not quite clear.

We still have to buy Bambini's things. But we're thinking we can do that in the coming weeks. I have yet to ask my mom's kasambahay to wash Bambini's clothes that were already given to us. When everything's wash we can finally prepare the hospital bags (one for me and one for Bambini). Hopefully our little girl won't come out until everything's prepared.

I'm excited and anxious at the same time. Excited to see her (I can't think of anything else but the baby, you can't even bother me with Custom Logo Design) and worried in case anything bad happens. Oh, we haven't got a yaya yet so we're still looking. We're really not yet actively looking because I've asked my mom to get onto that but it seems there are no leads as of yet. Our final resort is get some relative from the province to temporarily stay with us. We plan to go back to the condo once I give birth. I have yet to finish reading my books on breastfeeding (I've already read one from birthclass, but I have yet to finish the chapter on What to Expect when Expecting, and finish the book Penny has lent me on breastfeeding). I think I have to make a separate blogpost on breastfeeding. I'm hell bent on doing this. There's no plan B regarding breastfeeding.

And so I've grown really big already. I'm a bit happy because anyone who sees me would say "Ang laki ng tiyan mo!" Atleast it's my tummy they notice and they don't say "Ang laki MO!" hehehe.

Here are some recent photos.

@ 30 weeks and 5 days

@ 33 weeks and 5 days

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