Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Preggy Me @ 36 Weeks

At 36 weeks, I am now starting to feel the heaviness of the baby inside my tummy. Today, I am feeling so heavy and feel like lumbering my way when walking. I’ve started bringing food to work (for lunch) so that I don’t have to walk down to our cafeteria to buy food. The only time I get up from my work station is if I need to go to the washroom, go to the printer/copy room, go to my boss’s office or go home. Bambini's movements are starting to get unbearable. One day, I thought I was already experiencing labor pains because I felt pain in my lower tummy every time she moves. I get paranoid everytime I feel something painful eventhough most times they're just flickers of pain. Someone asked me how I'm feeling now, if I'm excited or if I'm scanred or if I want to give birth already just to get this over with. Well actually it's all of the above. It differs every day, every hour hehehe.

Last Saturday we had another check-up with our OB (we are now doing weekly check-ups) and imagine that after only two weeks I have gained almost 5 pounds. Ugh! I have now gained a total of 24 pounds. My baby is now 5lbs 8 oz. Our OB is confident I can deliver her normally. We’re praying everything will be okay come D-day so that we don’t have to settle for an emergency C-section. I'm actually getting scared of the labor pains, I'm expecting the worse. When I feel scared, I just have to think about Bambini, that after all the pain we will finally see her.

We’re pretty much ready for the baby to arrive. Although we don’t have a yaya yet. Hopefully, we have found someone by the time I give birth so that we can move back to our place. My hope is that we’ll bring home Bambini to OUR home and not to my parents’ home.

Well that’s about it. Here’s a photo of me during my ultrasound taken by my husband on our last OB visit (@35 weeks and 4 days). See my very pronounced linea nigra?

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