Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bugged by the Travel Bug

Ooohh! I can’t wait to hop on a plane again and travel. Nothing really beats the high I get when we go to the airport and check-in our luggage. Last year, luckily enough I was able to travel before I got pregnant – to Kota Kinabalu with Grace and to Coron with Joema and our friends. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to join my family in our annual out-of-the-country trip, last year to Viet Nam. This early my mother is asking where we’re going for this year. By the time September rolls in my daughter will be big enough to travel although still too young to remember the details of the trip. I don’t think we can possibly go to the beach this coming summer, so our friends are gunning for a November trip to Bora. Oooh, I’m crossing my fingers and praying we’ll have enough funds for a trip to Bora this year and our family trip abroad. I’m not sure how much the new baby will cost us (diapers, check-up with the pedia, shots, etc.) but I know everything will be provided to us. He will provide so I won’t worry that much.

Anyways, I was thinking and since by the time we can travel we already have our daughter there are just so many things to consider. Do we bring her with us? If not, can we leave her with my parents or in-laws? Wil I have the heart to leave her? If we bring her then the place we’ll visit should be baby friendly. No more super-packed itineraries or we’ll just be killing ourselves, what with taking care of the baby and going around town. We need to find baby-friendly hotels to stay-in. Maybe not self catering apartments. But you know what, I just can’t wait to travel again, and this time with our baby girl. My husband’s never the one to just entrust everything to me, we always share responsibilities. So I’m sure we’ll manage to travel on our own with a baby in tow.

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